Herman Roebbers

Advanced expert, thought leader ULP at Altran Netherlands

Herman Roebbers

Advanced expert, thought leader ULP at Altran Netherlands


Herman Roebbers is an advanced expert and the thought leader Ultra Low Power at Altran Netherlands. He received his MSc EE in 1989 from the University of Twente, where he spent five years as research assistant on the implementation of distributed control algorithms on parallel processors, creating and teaching parallel programming courses, contributing to and producing several conference papers, while managing and improving the parallel computing infrastructure.

In 1995 he started work at Philips Tass, which later became Tass and was finally subsumed by Altran in 2014. At Tass he became consultant and senior software architect. He has gathered experience in a wide range of technologies and regularly gives guest lectures. From 2009 to 2011 he worked at Holst Centre on ultra-low power wireless body area networks (resulting in another paper) and benchmarking ULP systems. He wrote articles and papers on ULP, FPGAs and programming them using Handel-C, as well as on how to apply Analytical Software Design in a Linux kernel context or on tiny embedded systems. His interests lie in ultra low power, HW/SW interfacing, HW/SW co-design, parallel programming, radio technology and the edge of IoT, MCU architecture.

In 2014 he bundled his ULP experience in a two-day ULP workshop for Altran, which he also lectures through T2Prof and High Tech Institute since 2015. Since September 2016 he’s an advisor to the EEMBC ULPMark, IoTMark and Securemark working groups, all dealing with creating relevant benchmarks for ULP systems.

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Herman Roebbers (Altran)

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