Rien Oortgiesen (Merus Audio)

07 mrt 2018
12:00 - 12:30
Building M

Rien Oortgiesen (Merus Audio)

Low-power audio amplifier ICs through multi-level techniques

Traditional class-D amplifiers present significant design challenges when used for ultra-compact applications and portable ‘on-the-go’ sound systems. These applications typically require relatively high peak output power in combination with long battery lifetime. This in turn asks for low power consumption and efficiency optimization especially for typical listening levels, while still being able to deliver the desired peak power needed for good sound experience. Additional challenges include heat generation and a need for bulky filters.

Newly developed class-D amplifiers from Merus Audio address these limitations with a technique called multi-level amplification. This approach significantly improves power consumption at typical listening levels while reducing out-of-band noise and thereby improving on EMC. This in turn reduces design and manufacturing costs by eliminating or minimizing the use of filters.

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