Herman Roebbers (Altran)

07 mrt 2018
15:45 - 16:15
Building M

Herman Roebbers (Altran)

Challenges when going batteryless – batteryless display investigation

I want to not need batteries because they’re an environmental hazard, die at inconvenient times and cost time, energy and money to replace if such is even possible. If I want to design things that don’t need batteries I have to find some other way to get the energy, while at the same time requiring so little energy that this becomes a possibility. I have to go ultra low power.

Achieving ultra low power means understanding the system you work with and the work it needs to do. It also means making compromises and working multidisciplinary, as a gain in one part of the system could mean a loss somewhere else. What are the factors influencing your energy consumption, at what level in your system? What can you do about them? This talk will take you along the beginnings of an ambitious project to realize a (meeting room) display system without batteries that can display regularly updateable content even with indoor lighting only, to illustrate some of those decisions.

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